entangled hopes

“Matrilineal” is really a codeword for the ways in which mimesis of settler forms does not extinguish ‘Amis claims to particularity and self-determination. But what else does matirlineal mean in Continue Reading →

haunted by the party state: far ocean fishing and settler concern

Settler concern for indigenous welfare has often focused on housing. On Taiwan, where I work, the Nationalist Party State focused on houses as the most visible sign of deprivation, targeting Continue Reading →

what’s in a place? 地方的本體論--Coulthard論土地在去殖民的地位

還我土地運動,不是分裂族群的「認同政治」,卻是互相了解、尊敬的第一步,我們一起看coulthard「土地對帝國:論原住民族反殖民運動」。This is the first virtual symposium. Let’s read Coulthard’s (2010) “Place Against Empire” together! Continue Reading →