o kamalatamdawan ita konia riyar 有這個海洋,我們才能成為人之處

有些朋友可能趕不上那天在東海大學開展的分享會 我想在這裡,幫你們補一下 many of you couldn’t make it to the opening, where i gave this talk, so i thought i’d post it here on the blog 我想,今天天氣很好,若是我沒有今日的開展會,就不會留室內,一定會來去「五十步空間」micekiw也好,micelem也好,或著乾脆在海邊那裡「買蝴蝶」,都是很好的事呢,不過還是很美麗的心情今天,而且我們明天應該可以去那八個浪,你說對不對? the weather today Continue Reading →

o tfon itira: the moon cave (update)

i’ve been working on the sound installation piece “o tfon itira” a bit more recently, making a trip back up to makota’ay to record inside the moon cave. the piece Continue Reading →

walking a “space of fifty steps” with rahic talif

>ironically, ciRahic’s project to recover the ability to read the ocean’s writing relies not upon natural materials, but on flip flops, the refuse of an industrial society that displaced an ‘amis understanding of the ocean as animate, vibrant, and life giving. nearly daily, ciRahic visits the ocean to observe and gather flip flops either discarded on the beach or elsewhere, which somehow come to rest on the beach. visiting sites along taiwan’s entire east coast, he stops when he has found a flip flop and begins to observe his surroundings, creating a narrative for what he has found. for example, the flip flop could be faded, showing the signs of a long journey; he may ask, how long did you float before you arrived here? do you miss your home? Continue Reading →

katiposan: a change in wind

nothing could prepare me for how sudden tipos, the north wind, arrived, screaming through the betel palms and rattling the steel garage doors and house windows. with the shift in Continue Reading →