another way of looking at the east coast

this is the second in a series of posts on contemporary indigenous artists and their approach to taiwan’s east coast last night, i had put a six pack into my Continue Reading →

看展覽會有感: 潘小雪的沒有土地的風景

一棵樹懸掛在天空 白雲飄在枯掉的樹枝中 是一場夢?倒影?世界末日的景觀? 樹枝上,卻沒有葉子 一條一條黑塑膠籤取代之 黑垃圾袋的那種塑膠, 綁在樹枝上 是黑影?全日食留下的影子?代表小鳥?諷刺亂丟垃圾的陋習?

urban planning and popular participation: some thoughts on a recent talk

music–particularly discourses about good versus bad musics–feature in many discussions of urban planning; perhaps this sonic connection to urban planning is more evident in the developing (or in the case Continue Reading →

intersections of songwriting and anthropology 人類學跟作曲的交叉點

i’m convinced that songwriters and ethnographers have a great deal to talk about and to learn from each other. figuring out how to facilitate this conversation has become one of my questions as i teach and do research

我深深感到,歌手和人類學學者,應該有很多的話題可以聊,更進一步說,我們互相學習的空間,顯者很大。要如何實現人類學和作曲的對話?這也是值得探討的問題 Continue Reading →