about dj hatfield

dj hatfield is associate professor of ethnomusicology in the graduate institute of music at national taiwan university. a sociocultural anthropologist and sound installation artist, hatfield is currently working on research projects including accidental cosmopolitans: far ocean fishing and ironies of indigenous placemaking in taiwan. he is also the author of several articles on dance and sovereignty, contemporary indigenous art, taiwanese popular culture and the appearance of indigeneity in taiwan after martial law, works on taiwanese popular religious practices, and the book length monograph taiwanese pilgrimage to china: ritual, complicity, community. hatfield’s sound installation work has appeared in the taipei biennial, mipaliw arts festival, and the taitung international austronesian art festival. related to this work is hatfield’s taiwan soundscapes project, a documentary and recording and sound installation project focused on contemporary taiwanese soundscapes. in addition to his academic and artistic work, hatfield brews beer, sings from old tunebooks, and hangs out with a variety of musicians on taiwan.


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