virtual symposium: an idea for a new category / feature on my blog


now that my personal blog and are two separate entities, i’ve had to think a bit about what the blog can do. rather than making it a place in which i kvetch about this problem or the other, i thought that it might be interesting to introduce a new category or feature of this blog, which will be a weekly or bi-weekly discussion of a work in anthropology, ethnomusicology, or indigenous / native studies–with work and these disciplines defined very broadly. the idea, as i think of it, is to see if we can create a virtual symposium in which the post leads to a bit more discussion of a piece and its broader connections to large questions or contemporary problems.

not believing that it would be best to begin with anything too contentious, my idea was to start with coulthard’s (2010) “place against empire.” here’s how it will work. i will post both my initial comments on the work and a link to a full text pdf. if you like, you can comment. what would be most amazing is if we could have the discussion in english and sinitic script, but i am not up to the task of translating one article a week on my schedule. what do you all think?



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