brief note

fortunately, i always leave a day for acclimatization, for getting over jet lag and such

it’s usually a boring, low key day in which i get up whenever jet lag tells me, have some coffee and breakfast, then take a long walk. today, it’s a little rainy i think. so the walk might be out. still, in taipei one can get around on the public transportation pretty well–well enough in fact to go to hotsprings or other interesting locations. because the day is only about getting used to being back in taiwan, i don’t give myself any pressure

over the next three months, though, i have a residency at the cepo’ arts center in fongbin township, which is along the southern coast of hualien county, tight in there near taitung along the pacific. the project will be to examine “mediating spaces,” particularly the siugulan river, which we might think of as a river that mediates between humans and non-humans, among ethnic groups, and between the past and the future. as it turns out, the work is exploratory. during the day, i’ll do some recording and writing and see where it all leads me. hopefully, at the end of the summer, i will have created something interesting and be a bit further along with a book manuscript

the work is supported by an Asian Cultural Council fellowship! So look here and on for updates

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