what’s next?

another academic year is coming to a close. what’s next?

well, on 3 may i am getting on a jet plane and heading back to taiwan, where i will set a version of the “walking the space of fifty steps with rahic talif” piece in a retrospective of rahic’s works at tunghai university


at the opening, i will also be giving a talk about rahic’s work and our collaboration. do come by if you are in taichung on 6th may

the summer schedule is filling up with a few events for which i am contributing sound recordings or talks: AAS in asia in kyoto, a conference at academia sinica on the “labor of animation,” and a couple other events

so it’s promising to be a busy and productive summer! will keep everyone posted here.

also–this summer, i hope to roll out the taiwan soundscapes blog as a group blog space. that may require changing the address of this blog or shifting posts around

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