hegemony and hopeful indigeneity (1): the diversity condition

it is time that we place the idea that indigenous people have a responsibility to maintain their languages and expressive cultures in an historical context. although we consider diversity a Continue Reading →

concrete houses as a mediating form

i have a problem in my research. because i focus on far ocean fishing, an occupation that many taiwanese indigenous political and cultural activists consider deleterious to indigenous communities, the Continue Reading →

endangered languages (2) language and the audit culture

one of the pervasive themes of the FEL conference was the institutional ecology of language preservation and revitalization programs. from concerns that the work of dividing out the money allocated Continue Reading →

affect: the context of an idea

because affect accounted through motivation beneath or apart from ideology or belief, one could shift one’s focus to a powerful communicative wavelength–which in the end would mean what one could watch on television. in that sense, affect was a cheap shortcut and not an organizing term for ethnographic work Continue Reading →