katiposan: a change in wind

nothing could prepare me for how sudden tipos, the north wind, arrived, screaming through the betel palms and rattling the steel garage doors and house windows. with the shift in Continue Reading →

memory and sticky matter (with apologies to jane bennett)

to what extent is memory contagious, sticky, and bound with the material qualities of particular media? how might installation art works on memory connect with ecocritical practice? these questions are Continue Reading →

another way of looking at the east coast

this is the second in a series of posts on contemporary indigenous artists and their approach to taiwan’s east coast last night, i had put a six pack into my Continue Reading →

看展覽會有感: 潘小雪的沒有土地的風景

一棵樹懸掛在天空 白雲飄在枯掉的樹枝中 是一場夢?倒影?世界末日的景觀? 樹枝上,卻沒有葉子 一條一條黑塑膠籤取代之 黑垃圾袋的那種塑膠, 綁在樹枝上 是黑影?全日食留下的影子?代表小鳥?諷刺亂丟垃圾的陋習?

sounds from a’tolan: vendor trucks

on taiwan, a definition of the street as a place for vehicular traffic has not displaced other possibilities, in which the street serves as a medium of display, leisure, performance, or commerce. while taiwanese religious processions express these possibilities of street life most flamboyantly, more humble conveyances of street life give to the street its quotidian values. Continue Reading →